Kelsey Stansberg



Kelsey, recently joined the Missoula Scuba and Snorkel crew. She grew up in Salmon, Idaho whitewater rafting the Salmon River, fly fishing, and skiing. Kelsey is a senior at the University of Montana studying aquatic ecosystem restoration. Having worked several summers snorkeling rivers and streams as a fisheries technician, she developed a strong passion for observing aquatic life.

In December of 2021, she moved to Sitka Alaska on an academic exchange to get an occupational endorsement in scientific diving at the University of Alaska SE. She spent the next several months becoming a scientific diver, learning about the local marine ecology, operating skiffs in Sitka’s challenging conditions, participating in dive internships, and getting really comfortable in cold water.

In the future, Kelsey would like to work as a scientific diver to help restore marine ecosystems, specifically kelp forests. “I couldn’t be more excited to share my passion with fellow Missoulian divers. There is so much to learn from the underwater world – diving has become the fuel for my curiosity.”

  • Missoula, MT