Scuba, Paintball and Avalanche Airbag Tanks

Scuba tanks come in all shapes and sizes and even made of different materials. Taking good care of a tank(s) and making sure that they operate correctly and are safe is a must. Every  five (5) years tanks must be hydostatically tested and every year must be visual cylinder inspection as well. All or our tank technicians are Professional Scuba Inspector (PSI) trained.

Tank Fills

As stated up above, FFS&S can test and certify tank(s) but, clearly you need to have them filled too. We can fill anything from steel, aluminum or composite tanks. They can be a steel 108, an Aluminum 80,  paintball canister or avalanche airbag canisters. We have the air, the adapters and the love for fun and adventure! Remember, WITH MOST AVALANCHE BOTTLES, IF YOU HAVE DEPLOYED YOUR AVALANCHE CANISTER, YOU MUST REPLACE THE INTERNAL O-RING BEFORE IT CAN BE REFILLED.

Tank Accessories

Here at the shop, we have many tank accessories to protect your investments.  They include but aren’t limited to: Tank skirts, boots, caps and carriers. If we don’t have it in stock, we can order it and have it to you inside of a week!