Rental Gear

At Family Fun Scuba & Snorkel, we have a wide variety of both Scuba and Snorkeling rental gear. Whether you are looking for a shortie for jet skiing, snorkel gear for exploration or a “top-to-bottom” Scuba set up we have the rental gear you need!

One of the common complaints that we hear from clients is that they paid for rental gear from their resort during vacation and it was in poor condition, not clean or poor quality. This experience can ruin your excursions and is completely avoidable! We can rent you all the snorkel or Scuba equipment here to take with you or at very least provide key components that will make your journey safer! Think taking gear with you will be too heavy or bulky? Think again, our staff can show you tricks of the trade on how to pack your bag in minimal space and with minimal weight.

*If you are going on a lengthy trip, we do offer discounted packages. Speak to any of our staff for details on how you can take advantage of  this and other specials and discounts that are available.

For more information feel free to contact us: Phone: (406)-860-2590