Our Partners

Family Fun Scuba & Snorkel would like to recognize the Scuba partners that are affiliated with FFS&S,  sponsor FFS&S or help fulfill your needs! Without these partners, life would be a lot tougher in the Scuba world! We appreciate all of the time and effort our associates put into us to make Family Fun Scuba & Snorkel the success it is. FFS&S can teach Scuba just about anywhere with the help of these folks! With that being said, these partners have expertise in a variety of areas to provide us the necessary equipment, gear and accessories to promote safety and success of divers. We have a wide variety of gear, equipment and accessories available in at the Billings, MT shop as well as at the Online Shop for your convenience. FSS&S has also partnered with Julie at World Dives www.worlddive.com to have seamless travel and adventure where ever we go. Though some of the products that we sell come from over seas, they are American based organizations that help fuel our economy and and America as a whole. Our partners include: