Equipment Repair & Service

Taking care of your Scuba equipment is the most important thing that a diver can do. We have to remember that our equipment is life support and caring for it should not to be taken lightly. Family Fun Scuba & Snorkel is the ONLY SCUBA SHOP IN MONTANA to has 3 equipment technicians, FFS&S can help you take care of your equipment in a timely manor so you can do what you love to do – SCUBA DIVE!


Most regulators (1st and 2nd stages) need to be serviced annually. Some divers think that if they used it very little or not at all that there is not reason for service. Unfortunately, nothing is further from the truth. Equipment repair and service is vital. Just a few things that could have happened to require include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Insect Damage
  • Salt Damage
  • Impacted sand and debris
  • Impact Damage
  • Excess Sun Exposure (high heat)
  • Excess Cold
  • Dry Rot


Many divers forget about proper care of their BCD’s and believe that they need to only service their regulators. Annual BCD tune ups are essential to safe diving and enjoyable experiences.

Dive Computers

Considering that Recreational Dive Planners (RDP’s) are seldom used today, taking care of your dive computer is paramount to assure your safety, as well as maximum bottom time. Don’t let a corroded casing, poor battery strength or spoiled o-rings keep you from diving.

* Have your dive computer tuned yearly or if you suspect that there are any issues.

Scuba Tanks/Valves

Scuba tanks come in all shapes and sizes and even made of different materials. Taking good care or tanks and making sure that they they operate correctly and are safe. Every five (5) years tanks must be  hydostatically tested and visual cylinder inspection every year. All or our tank technicians are certified Professional Scuba tank and valve Inspectors.

Wet/Dry Suit Repair

From time to time, dive suits get tears, become unstitched or have dry-rot that make your wet suits ability to keep you warm compromised. Many times repairs can add years of life to a dive suits and save you money. If you are concerned that your suit is in question, bring it to our shop located at 1841 Grand Ave Billings, MT and we will assess it for you.

For more information feel free to contact us: : Office  (406) 601-1199, Mobile (406) 860-2590