Hello to the Eastern Montana High School Scuba Club(EMHSSC)! EMHSSC is a club that has been established to expose high school age kids and their friends and families to the amazing underwater world! The earth is 71% water and over 99% of it’s inhabitants never explore below the surface of the water! Amazingly we know more about the surface of the moon than we do about the oceans depths!

So how does EMHSSC work? Well, we wanted to keep it simple, fun and affordable for EVERYONE!

When: EMHSSC will meet two times per month. We will meet at one of three locations on a Saturdays: The Billings YMCA, a classroom or at an open water area. Times will be communicated. Advertising for the club will begin in mid-February and we will begin meeting in March 2018!

What: This is up to you! Our staff will begin teaching you the basics of snorkeling/Skin diving and Scuba and the sky’s the limit of where you want to take it! Scholastically you can increase your knowledge about oceanography, geology, physics, chemistry, earth science, biology, history and so much more. It is truly an amazing sport!

Who: ANY high school age individual that hasn’t graduated.

Logistics: Each person that is involved with EMHSSC must complete appropriate PADI paperwork and have it signed by a parent or legal guardian

Costs: The cost is only $10 per month with a 1-year commitment unless you are a graduating senior and then the membership will be prorated. Scholarships are available per need and availability.

Perks of Membership

– 1x in pool or open water experience per month.

– Free t-shirt.

– Discounted prices on classes.

– Discounted prices on Scuba & Snorkel gear.

– Discount prices for immediate family members.

– Referral program rewards.

– 1 free in-classroom training per month.

– Free prize drawings at classroom training session.

What Will You Need: A great attitude and a willingness for adventure! We will provide everything else!


One time per year you will have the opportunity to go on a “salt water” trip with FFS&S. The trip will be at cost and family is invited! Our first trip will be in June to Key Largo, Florida immediately after school has ended. Details will follow.

Information: For more information about EMHSSC, please email us at: Info@FamilyFunScuba.com call (406) 860-2590 or stop by our shop located at 1841 Grand Ave Billings, MT (the corner of 19th and Grand Ave).